Lee Ann Patton

Originally from Cross Lanes, West Virginia, Lee Ann serves as the Membership Chair for MERWC.

Lee Ann graduated from West Wesleyan College where she earned a B.A. in Social Work and Psychology.

Over the past thirty-one years, Lee Ann has owned and operated her own cleaning business in the Charlotte area. With ambitions to expand her company, Lee Ann decided to give the majority of her time back to the community.

Lee Ann is hardworking and dedicated to helping the Republican Party in Charlotte succeed. She is known for her grassroots and volunteer organization throughout the 9th and 12th Congressional Districts. Her most recent accomplishment was being the Volunteer Coordinator for the Mark Harris for Harris Campaign and Paulina Havelka for District Court Campaign Manager in 2018. Currently, Lee Ann is in the running to become the next 12th Congressional District Chair in North Carolina.

In Lee Ann’s free time, Lee Ann plays on two softball teams and is the coach for one of them, the Grass Stainz. The team she is not the coach of, Cat 5, is a travel team in North Carolina and won the 2018 State Championship in the Senior Games. Although she loves softball, fishing is her favorite past time.